Tropic Skin And Body Care Review

30 May

Tropic Skin Smoothing Cleanser and Exfoliators

I have never found a skin care regime that I stick to. I have pretty much tried all the cleansers and toners available out there and none of them have ever made a noticeable difference to my skin. As a teen I did have quite bad acne and now as an adult I still don’t have the best skin. I would say that there is always at least one spot on my face.

I churn through skin care products, trying to find something that feels good for my skin. About 6 months ago my mum bought me Tropic Smoothing Cleanser. She had become obsessed with it and soon after I was also hooked. The cleanser comes with an Organic Bamboo fibre face cloth that is soft on the skin and brushes away all the dead skin cells.

Tropic Smoothing Cleanser

Tropic only use natural, organic ingredients in their products and they smell so good. I use the smoothing cleanser every morning and evening to clean makeup off my face and to refresh it. I rub 2 pumps over my face, neck and eyes and wash off. I repeat that after my make up is removed to get a fresh, clean face. The ingredients include; avocado, green tea, sweet almond, Vitamin E, rosemary, coco butter and many more delicious things. It has never happened before that I know and eat all the ingredients that are in a product.

Now, I have bad skin and although Tropic isn’t a spot killer, nor does it claim to be, somehow it has cleared up my skin. I am not saying that I no longer get any spots but I have visibly noticed that they are reduced. I don’t know what this is down to. I have sensitive skin and am always putting on highly chemical based products so maybe all my skin needed was a natural, soothing cleanser.

This year I was at the Ideal Home Show and saw a Tropic stand. I got talking to one of the sales ladies and she gave me some good tips. After applying the cleanser, she told me to place the hot bamboo cloth over my face for 2 minutes. After removing the cleanser my skin was so smooth, it felt like I had had a mini facial. 

I wasn’t aware, until I was at the Ideal Home Show, that Tropic is a company owned by a previous participant on The Apprentice, Susan Ma. I saw her hovering around in the background and getting stuck in with the selling. Although she didn’t win the show, Lord Sugar still invested in her business because it was a great product.

Tropic Exfoliator

Whist at the Ideal Home Show I got sucked into buying more products. I got Topic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish and Tropic Face Smooth Brightening Polish. In short: body and face exfoliators.

Ohhhhhhh my! They smell so good. I use them both in the shower and they feel so nice against your skin. You really feel your skin getting exfoliated. You don’t even have to moisturise once you get out of the shower as they have essential oils in them that moisture the skin.

I am completely sold on this brand. When using the products you can feel it is putting something good into your skin and not chemicals. The products may seem a little expensive, cleanser £15, but a little goes along way and it is definitely worth the money. Perfect for any age – my mums 60 and she love it as much as me!


Hunter Wellies – Rain Saviour

28 May

I never thought that I would be wearing my wellies at the end of May and to be honest I had already packed them away at the back of my wardrobe for next winter. However living in England, I shouldn’t have got so ahead of myself as this morning I found myself rummaging around trying to find my wellies that only got moved from the hallway last month.

So this morning, in this miserable weather and running late for my doctors appointment, I slid on my wellington boots at 8:30am which surprisingly put a big smile on my face. I love my Hunter Wellies. 


Hunter Wellies In The Rain


Hunter ORIGINAL BACK ADJUSTABLE GLOSS Wellies buckleI have the Original Black Adjustable Gloss pair. They retail at £89.00 and are well worth the money. Now I have one pair of Hunters, I don’t think I will ever need to buy another pair of wellies again, unless I decide I want a different design.

They are so comfy and just overall good looking boots, which is very rare to be said about a pair of wellington boots. I feel like a big kid in them!


I have been through the British winter in these boots and they have saved me from months worth of soggy feet. I wear them walking to work, shopping around London and walking in muddy parks and they remain comfortable due to the sponge insole. They haven’t even ever rubbed the back of my ankle, like nearly all footwear does.

In proportion to my small size 4 feet, I have big calves (it unfortunately runs in the family). These hunters have an adjustable buckle that allows me to fit in my calves and a pair of jeans inside. Bonus!

The fact that they look stylish saves me a lot of grief by wearing wellington boots at the beginning of summer. Somehow, everyone seems to be able to look good in Hunter wellies as well as being comfortable and dry.

Thank god for my Hunters!

My Summer Holiday

21 May

Sensatori Turkey Adult Pool

At the beginning of the month, I got back from the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. When I usual go away on holiday I go on adventures around the city and get involved with loads of activities.

This year I did nothing. I stayed by the hotels beautiful pool and beach and read my Kindle for 8 days straight. Perfect way to relax and top up the well needed tan!

Sensatori Turkey Sandy Beach

Actors Websites – Where To Find Work

20 May

Wherever I go I always come across people who ask me where I find my acting work, without an agent.

Recently I was working on a sports event and I met this lovely girl who didn’t know where to start looking for acting work. I wrote down a list of websites and gave it to her. As actors we all struggle and I find it important to help others. Years ago I met a girl who did this for me and I am forever grateful for her kindness.

If you live in the UK and are looking for acting work and don’t know where to start, here are all the websites and companies I use:

  • Spotlight – Spotlight is very important to all actors. All big shows, films and commercials are advertised on this website. There is also unpaid work on this site for anyone who wants to help out in fringe theatre or student films. If you are looking for an agent it is crucial you have a spotlight page as it is very rare for an agent to take you on if you don’t have Spotlight. (Needed: Headshot, 3 professional credits or accredited drama school, Approx. £150 for a years subscription.)
  • Casting Call Pro – This is where I get most of my auditions from. There is a lots of unpaid work on this website but also a lot of good paid work. It is not a must have, official actors website like Spotlight but it is very good and you are far more likely to get work from here. It is free if you just want unpaid work but it costs £20p/m to apply for paid work. (Needed: Headshot, 3 professional credits.)
  • Star Now – If you rummage through a lot of rubbish work on this site you will eventually find a gem! There is paid, unpaid, commercial, extra, modelling work to be found on Star Now. However be careful as anyone can post an advert on this site, so if it sound unprofessional, it probably is. (Needed: Photos, Approx. £35, 6 month membership.)
  • MadDog  and 20/20 Casting – Very good extras company. Supply extras for feature films and commercials.
  • Universal Extras – You set up a profile and wait for a call. They do lots of extra work. I have had great work from this site, including being Lady Gaga’s body double. I get a call about every 6 months for a job.

I honestly would not waste your time with any other acting websites apart from Spotlight, Casting Call Pro and Star Now. Any other sites you will come across (no matter how professional the site looks) will be advertising the exact same jobs but less of them.

There are sites like, Shooting People, which can be good for unpaid work but again whatever is advertised on there is always on Casting Call Pro.

Obviously having an agent is the best thing you can do to get work as an actor but when searching for your own work, these sites are the best.

Hope this helps some people ❤

Review: NEW! Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

20 May

Revlon ColourStay Suede Lipstick

I love nearly all of Revlon’s makeup so I was really excited when I stumbled across there new range of ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks in Boots. I went a little crazy and bought all the shades they had in store. Obsessed with Revlon much? I think I am!

The Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick states that it has a suede effect (meaning matte) and lasts 16 hours. If any lipstick lasts 16 hours then I will be hugely impressed.

Revlon ColourStay Lipstick Colours

Packaging – I love it! The lid is very securely on and it won’t pop of whilst in your handbag.

Application – The lipstick glides on very smooth. With one stroke all the shades are quite sheer. I had to swipe it about four times across my lips to get a strong colour, which is very annoying. Once applied, after a few strokes, they all have a strong pigmentation.

Texture – This is where I start to get confused with this lipstick. When first applied it has a smooth, moisturising, glossing texture that feels really nice on the lips. After about 5-10 minutes the ColorStay lipstick feels likes it sets on the lips and the texture changes to the ‘suede’ effect. The lipstick turns matte and has a slightly sticky texture when you blot your lips together. I love the matte look but I don’t like the (very slight) sticky texture.

16 Hour Wear – The good thing is he lipstick doesn’t transfer onto glasses or smudge whist eating. But… and there is always a but, after a couple of hours the lipstick goes into any creases in your lips, is very uneven and patchy. It may stay on for a long time but not how you applied it. I didn’t take the lipstick out with me when I was wearing it so I had to put on a clear lipgloss to smooth out the patchiness, which worked

Removal – It doesn’t stain, WoooooHooooo! I used a makeup wipe to remove it and it came of with a little scrub.

Overall -I would have to carry it in my bag and reapply it about every  2-3 hours to stop any creasing, so the 16 hours wear maybe true but it just won’t look very nice. The main plus for the ColorStay Suede lipstick is that is does not transfer off the lips. My boyfriend was amazed that when I kisses him it felt like I had nothing on my lips. This is a big bonus for me as I can’t even normally peck him on the check without getting lipstick all over his face.

I have a lot of the colour range so I don’t think I will be running out fast to re-purchase any of them. My favourite colours are the deep plum (35 – Backstage) and deep pink (5 – Muse).

Revlon ColourStay Lipstick Backstage and Muse

They can be found in high-street retailers for £8.99. Boots currently selling them for £6.99.

The Revlon ColurStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick is long lasting, matte and has wearable colours but the few glitches it has, are big ones. I would definitely advise you to exfoliate your lips beforehand to prevent creasing.

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