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Winter Outfits – High Street Shops

14 Dec Evening Winter Outfit

Here are some affordable high street outfit ideas.

I’ve collected together a casual and evening outfit. After searching for ideas I actually ended up ordering nearly all these items and after quite a bit of hinting to my boyfriend, I now will be getting the Zara boots for Christmas. Yippee!

Casual Winter Outfit

High street casual winter outfit ideas

  • Shirt New Look £22.99. This winter I am obsessed with wearing oversized shirts with leggings or jeans. I love the casual comfy look.
  • Jeans Topshop £44.00. Skinny jeans are my fav and I love the ripped look to grunge up the outfit.
  • Boots Zara £59.99. Perfect boots for the cold winter weather. The patent and chain also gives that grungy look.
  • Hat £20.00. As a cat obsessed person, I completely fell for this Bowler Cat Ear hat when I saw it. It’s so cute as adds a little fun to the outfit.
Evening Winter Outfit

High street evening winter outfit idea

  • Top River Island £16.00. This yellow ribbed fitted top adds a splash of colour to any dreary day.
  • Skirt Miss Selfridge £45.00. Leather look skirts are much cheaper than actual leather and I think they do the job just as well.
  • Shoes Dorothy Perkins £25.00. A classic pair of black patent pointed court heels compliment any outfit. (I’m clearly loving the patent shoe look this winter.)
  • Necklace Mickey £21.00. I always wear dramatic necklaces as they add so much character to an outfit. They are probably what most people compliment me on about my outfits. It gives the outfit a little bling for any Christmas celebrations.

I hope you like my winter outfits and got a little inspiration from them.

Becky x


What I Would Buy If..

3 Jun

Last week, whist walking around oxford street on my lunch break from an extremely boring promo job I was working on, I couldn’t resist the temptation of wondering into a few shops. Normally this would be heaven for me but as I am so very poor at the moment, it was torture. Working as a jobbing actress is great for my artistic licence but terrible for my bank balance. I am currently making pack lunches and bringing a hit flask with me on a night out. Oh yes, it has got that bad.

During my torture hour on Oxford Street I saw so many items that I would normally buy without any thought but I had to strongly use my will power to resist. So instead of buying them I thought I would put them on my blog because if I can’t wear these items at least I can look at them… It’s the same thing right?!?

Oh, a girl can dream!




I love the simplicity of this dress. You can just chuck it on with a pair of sandles and you are ready too go. Its from Miss Selfridge at £26.








Yum! These shoes are perfect for a summers day. I love the chunkyness of the shoe. There from Topshop at £65.


Dorothy Perkins Stripe Wrap Shirt




I’m loving thick stripes at them moment. Not only do I want to wear them but I also want to decorate my house with them. This shirt is beautiful and falls so nicely. It’s from Dorothy Perkins at £40.







I have been looking for so long for a pair of high waisted shorts that I love. Finally I stumbled across this gorgeous pair. They are from River Island at £28.







This is such a pretty summery dress that is perfect for a lazy summers day. I love the bright yellow. I may have blonde hair but it won’t stop me from wearing yellow. Its from Topshop at £18.







I am in desperate need of a backpack. Firstly they look good, secondly the are better for your shoulders and thirdly it will make my journey on my bike a lot easier. The studs on this bag make it for me. Its a perfect size to stuff everything it and it looks so good. Its from River Island at £40.



Hunter Wellies – Rain Saviour

28 May

I never thought that I would be wearing my wellies at the end of May and to be honest I had already packed them away at the back of my wardrobe for next winter. However living in England, I shouldn’t have got so ahead of myself as this morning I found myself rummaging around trying to find my wellies that only got moved from the hallway last month.

So this morning, in this miserable weather and running late for my doctors appointment, I slid on my wellington boots at 8:30am which surprisingly put a big smile on my face. I love my Hunter Wellies. 


Hunter Wellies In The Rain


Hunter ORIGINAL BACK ADJUSTABLE GLOSS Wellies buckleI have the Original Black Adjustable Gloss pair. They retail at £89.00 and are well worth the money. Now I have one pair of Hunters, I don’t think I will ever need to buy another pair of wellies again, unless I decide I want a different design.

They are so comfy and just overall good looking boots, which is very rare to be said about a pair of wellington boots. I feel like a big kid in them!


I have been through the British winter in these boots and they have saved me from months worth of soggy feet. I wear them walking to work, shopping around London and walking in muddy parks and they remain comfortable due to the sponge insole. They haven’t even ever rubbed the back of my ankle, like nearly all footwear does.

In proportion to my small size 4 feet, I have big calves (it unfortunately runs in the family). These hunters have an adjustable buckle that allows me to fit in my calves and a pair of jeans inside. Bonus!

The fact that they look stylish saves me a lot of grief by wearing wellington boots at the beginning of summer. Somehow, everyone seems to be able to look good in Hunter wellies as well as being comfortable and dry.

Thank god for my Hunters!

My April Outfit

3 Apr

So as the weather in England has been absolutely pants this year I am still wearing all my winter clothes which is really annoying as all I want to do is crack out all my summer clothes. However I am trying to brighten up the month of April with my outfits.

Outfit of the Day

I have tried to make this outfit as summery as possible without looking silly wearing it in the wind and rain. It is skirt season and I don’t care if it is cold, I am wearing a skirt. I have matched it with a bright pink shirt to brighten the look up, and of course I can’t wear any outfit without a statement necklace at the moment.

Punk Rock Spiked Necklace

Dorothy Perkins Striped Pencil Skirt











  • Pink Shirt – H&M sale. I got it for around £7 in the sale last week, so if you like it I’m sure you will be able to find it if your lucky.
  • Skirt – Dorothy Perkins £14. I love this skirt. I think this striped jersey tube style of skirt is flattering on all body shapes.
  • Necklace – eBay £1.77. I always get compliment on this costume jewellery necklace and its great because it was so cheap. Search Ebay for Punk Rock Spike Necklace and you should be able to find it.
  • Belt – Back of my wardrobe. I bought this years ago at a car-boot sale and I think it adds that little bit extra to an outfit about without being too bling!
  • I pair this outfit with a pair of spiked boots from Office Shoes (forgot to take a photo of them…oops.)


* Click on the clickable red links to go to the websites.

Want Some Extra Cash? Ebay Those Clothes!

27 Mar

Take a look at everything in your wardrobe. Can you honestly say that you wear everything in there?

My guess is that the answer is no and this is where you can start making money.

Clothes in Wardrobe

I lived in rented accommodation whilst I was university which I funded with my student loan and my saturday retail job. If any of you have been to university you probably did the same irresponsible thing as me when that loan came in and spent most of the money on clothes, drinking, food and other wasteful resources. One term, in my second year, I went too far and spent all my money on a huge shopping trip. I have to admit I was a complete shopaholic (I have it a bit more under control now I don’t have a student loan and earn a pitiful minimum wage as a waitress/actress.) I had no money left to pay my rent, the banks wouldn’t give me a credit card as I already had a student overdraft and couldn’t face asking my parents for money, now that I was a responsible adult!

I had to make money some how and fast. This was when I opened up my 4 huge wardrobes (Yes 4! I had a huge room) and realised I hadn’t worn most of the clothes in at least 6 months and some items still even had the tags on. Ebay was the way forward!

I have to admit it was painful to part with some of the clothes I sold on Ebay. I loved most of them but I said to myself “If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you probably won’t ever wear it again.”

I made over £400 and was able to pay my rent on time.

Tips For Selling On Ebay

  • Be brutal with your possessions. If you don’t wear it sell it, plus its better to sell items whilst they are still in fashion. You won’t regret it once you see the money build up.
  • Only sell good quality items. If the dress has a stain or has shrunk in the wash, don’t try and sell it to others without making a clear note of it on the sellers page. It is dishonest and will likely get you negative seller feedback and you will have to give them a refund.
  • Be relistic about how much the item will sell for. It may have cost you £40 last year but it’s not new fashion and it has been worn. It will go for alot less than what you bougtht it for but those £3 here and there really do add up.
  • Ebay often do free listing for sellers. If you put a starting bid on at over 99p item you will be charged a listing fee. This cost can add up so its great to take advantage of this offer when you see it.
  • Download the Ebay phone app. It is time consuming listing items on Ebay but the phone application make it a lot easier. It enables you to upload photos straight from your phone and it is overall easier and less fiddly.
  • Schedule a listing time. The best time for your bidding to finish is in the middle of the week at around 9pm. More people will be browsing the web then rather than on Saturday morning at 4am. This only costs 6p and is more likely to get you those bids.

So if you need to make a quick buck and have a wardrobe full of unworn clothes then Ebay is the way forward. Tested and proven!

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