How To Be Happy

3 Jun


If you don’t like something change it.

If you don’t like you job quit it.

If people don’t like you, give them a SMILE and be nice first.

People will treat you how you treat them.

If your lonely, call a friend.

Ask how others are before telling them how you are.

LISTEN to others, don’t just talk about yourself.
If you don’t have time turn off Facebook, Twitter and the TV.
If the sun is shining go for a walk.

Get out of the house and smile.

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself.

Spend time on your own doing the things you LOVE.

Make effort to do the creative things you like.

Challenge yourself every day.

Start a new hobby.

Tell your loved ones that you appreciate them.

Don’t make excuses for your bad behaviour, apologise and change it.

Stop judging yourself and other, we are all BEAUTIFUL in our own way.

Inspire others by listening to them and sharing your experiences.

Take all good opportunities that come to you and don’t shy away.

Never give up on your DREAM. The ones who have it are the ones who persevered.

Life is for living so grab it with both hands.

Love life!


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