Tropic Skin And Body Care Review

30 May

Tropic Skin Smoothing Cleanser and Exfoliators

I have never found a skin care regime that I stick to. I have pretty much tried all the cleansers and toners available out there and none of them have ever made a noticeable difference to my skin. As a teen I did have quite bad acne and now as an adult I still don’t have the best skin. I would say that there is always at least one spot on my face.

I churn through skin care products, trying to find something that feels good for my skin. About 6 months ago my mum bought me Tropic Smoothing Cleanser. She had become obsessed with it and soon after I was also hooked. The cleanser comes with an Organic Bamboo fibre face cloth that is soft on the skin and brushes away all the dead skin cells.

Tropic Smoothing Cleanser

Tropic only use natural, organic ingredients in their products and they smell so good. I use the smoothing cleanser every morning and evening to clean makeup off my face and to refresh it. I rub 2 pumps over my face, neck and eyes and wash off. I repeat that after my make up is removed to get a fresh, clean face. The ingredients include; avocado, green tea, sweet almond, Vitamin E, rosemary, coco butter and many more delicious things. It has never happened before that I know and eat all the ingredients that are in a product.

Now, I have bad skin and although Tropic isn’t a spot killer, nor does it claim to be, somehow it has cleared up my skin. I am not saying that I no longer get any spots but I have visibly noticed that they are reduced. I don’t know what this is down to. I have sensitive skin and am always putting on highly chemical based products so maybe all my skin needed was a natural, soothing cleanser.

This year I was at the Ideal Home Show and saw a Tropic stand. I got talking to one of the sales ladies and she gave me some good tips. After applying the cleanser, she told me to place the hot bamboo cloth over my face for 2 minutes. After removing the cleanser my skin was so smooth, it felt like I had had a mini facial. 

I wasn’t aware, until I was at the Ideal Home Show, that Tropic is a company owned by a previous participant on The Apprentice, Susan Ma. I saw her hovering around in the background and getting stuck in with the selling. Although she didn’t win the show, Lord Sugar still invested in her business because it was a great product.

Tropic Exfoliator

Whist at the Ideal Home Show I got sucked into buying more products. I got Topic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish and Tropic Face Smooth Brightening Polish. In short: body and face exfoliators.

Ohhhhhhh my! They smell so good. I use them both in the shower and they feel so nice against your skin. You really feel your skin getting exfoliated. You don’t even have to moisturise once you get out of the shower as they have essential oils in them that moisture the skin.

I am completely sold on this brand. When using the products you can feel it is putting something good into your skin and not chemicals. The products may seem a little expensive, cleanser £15, but a little goes along way and it is definitely worth the money. Perfect for any age – my mums 60 and she love it as much as me!


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  1. Lights of Clarity May 30, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Wow this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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