Actors Websites – Where To Find Work

20 May

Wherever I go I always come across people who ask me where I find my acting work, without an agent.

Recently I was working on a sports event and I met this lovely girl who didn’t know where to start looking for acting work. I wrote down a list of websites and gave it to her. As actors we all struggle and I find it important to help others. Years ago I met a girl who did this for me and I am forever grateful for her kindness.

If you live in the UK and are looking for acting work and don’t know where to start, here are all the websites and companies I use:

  • Spotlight – Spotlight is very important to all actors. All big shows, films and commercials are advertised on this website. There is also unpaid work on this site for anyone who wants to help out in fringe theatre or student films. If you are looking for an agent it is crucial you have a spotlight page as it is very rare for an agent to take you on if you don’t have Spotlight. (Needed: Headshot, 3 professional credits or accredited drama school, Approx. £150 for a years subscription.)
  • Casting Call Pro – This is where I get most of my auditions from. There is a lots of unpaid work on this website but also a lot of good paid work. It is not a must have, official actors website like Spotlight but it is very good and you are far more likely to get work from here. It is free if you just want unpaid work but it costs £20p/m to apply for paid work. (Needed: Headshot, 3 professional credits.)
  • Star Now – If you rummage through a lot of rubbish work on this site you will eventually find a gem! There is paid, unpaid, commercial, extra, modelling work to be found on Star Now. However be careful as anyone can post an advert on this site, so if it sound unprofessional, it probably is. (Needed: Photos, Approx. £35, 6 month membership.)
  • MadDog  and 20/20 Casting – Very good extras company. Supply extras for feature films and commercials.
  • Universal Extras – You set up a profile and wait for a call. They do lots of extra work. I have had great work from this site, including being Lady Gaga’s body double. I get a call about every 6 months for a job.

I honestly would not waste your time with any other acting websites apart from Spotlight, Casting Call Pro and Star Now. Any other sites you will come across (no matter how professional the site looks) will be advertising the exact same jobs but less of them.

There are sites like, Shooting People, which can be good for unpaid work but again whatever is advertised on there is always on Casting Call Pro.

Obviously having an agent is the best thing you can do to get work as an actor but when searching for your own work, these sites are the best.

Hope this helps some people ❤


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