Sucker For A Quentin Tarantino Movie – Django Unchained

29 Mar

People seem to love him or hate him!

I love his movies.

quentin tarantino djanjo

Last week I was having a drink with a few friends when we started talking about Django. To me I find it very difficult to understand why the opinion on this movie was so slip (excluding the controversial topics in the movie, for example, the violence). Some people hated it and I couldn’t understand why. This was when it was pointed out to me that people find his movies slow. Really! I honestly can’t see why. I find his movies fascinating and gripping and overall incredible.

Django is the best movie I have seen in a long time and it is probably one of my favourite of all time. Yes, I said it. It is right up there.

This got me thinking about his other movies and how I have only seen a fraction on his collection. I’m setting myself a challenge to watch all of his movies and I will see if I still hold the same opinion. As you can clearly see, I only give myself challenges I enjoy ❤


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