My Blonde Highlighted Hair

26 Mar

I got my hair highlighted yesterday and I was very happy with the results so I thought I better share it with you all.

Blonde highlighted hair

I have never found a hairdresser that I have stuck with. Either they are to expensive, made my hair too blonde, not blonde enough, the streaks were too thin, to wide or they didn’t get the colour close enough to the roots. Maybe I’m too picky or just dam unlucky.

Blonde highlighted hair

Finally I have found a hairdresser that got it right. Hooray! My sister found this girl on Gumtree who needed models to show her work on. So the best thing was it was free! She is a great person and a great hairdresser. Next time she said she would come to my flat to do a full head of highlights for half the price it would cost at regular london salon. I feel Lucky!

Last time I came out of the hairdressers I looked as if I hadn’t even been. I still had roots. I don’t know what happened but the streaks were so thin they were barley visible. In fact, somehow she had actually managed to make my hair darker. So this time I said I wanted to go BLONDE!

My sister had a full colour change. She went for this gorgeous copper, red colour which I love. It makes her hair look so silky and shinny.

Copper Red Hair

She was worried that the hair was too Amy Childs like, but I make her realise that she had a completely different look and there was nothing to worry about. Ha!


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