Natalie Dormer

6 Mar

I have been obsessing over the actress Natalie Dormer for the last year. Not only is she an amazing actress but I love her natural look.

I first saw her in TV series The Tudors back in 2005 where she played the role of Anne Boleyn. She was amazing and perfectly casted for the role. She isn’t known as a huge star yet but only give it time and I think she will be the next big hit. If you don’t know who she still is she has more recently been in Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell.

  Natalie Dormer

I love her naturally styled hair and the golden blonde colour. She also just always looks amazing in anything she wear.

Last year I unexpectedly saw her in the play After Miss Julie at the Young Vic Theatre in London. Natalie completely stole the show. In my opinion the play isn’t the most exciting but she played the role of Miss Julie so perfectly I was grabbed the whole way through.

I bought the play, learnt a monologue and got the next audition I went to. I was so excited about the play and in love with the character that it obviously came across in my audition. It’s definitely a monologue that I keep in my back pocket.

Yes, I want to be like her in every sense!


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