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5 Inspiring Actresses

29 Mar

The 5 actresses that have most inspired me

Doris Day

Doris Day As a very small child, all I wanted to do was watch Calamity Jane over and over again. I was obsessed with Doris Day from the age of 4! Such a beautiful appearance yet a strong and talented actress. I find it strange, how so many… many years later how I look at her and see how my style is actually very similar to hers. Clearly she inspired me from a young age.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Yet again another actress that I was crazy about at 5 years old. I was hooked. Yes, because of the great Pretty Women. I was amazed at her personality, her characteristics, her laugh, the clothes, everything. She made me want to get behind that camera before I even knew what a camera was.

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman I read a book about Ingrids life and career a few years ago which inspired me as an actress. Ingrid had a vision and she went for it! It wasn’t magic or luck it was her fearlessness and her drive. It reminded me to stop being afraid of things.

“I didn’t choose acting, it chose me.” Especially as a child I realated to this quote of Ingrid’s. I honestly used to say to myself , ‘I want to act, I don’t want to be an actress but I know I will be.’ and here I am years later working as an actress.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Well, it can’t be denied that she has done it all. She is a truly talented, focused and hard working actress that deserves every minutes of her success.

I did an essay on Meryl whilst I was at university. I watched all her films and read books on her. She has devoted her life to the art and has created an amazing pool of work. She has still remained a modest women with all her personal life kept personal!

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet I love her choice in movies. I enjoy everything she is in and I believe she has picked her roles very cleverly and has been involved in work that shows her great talent.

It has been nice to see her grow as an actress from her early days in Titanic. She is a confident, beautiful and a very watchable actress.

One more lady that I couldn’t miss off my list… Do I need to give a reason why!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe


Sucker For A Quentin Tarantino Movie – Django Unchained

29 Mar

People seem to love him or hate him!

I love his movies.

quentin tarantino djanjo

Last week I was having a drink with a few friends when we started talking about Django. To me I find it very difficult to understand why the opinion on this movie was so slip (excluding the controversial topics in the movie, for example, the violence). Some people hated it and I couldn’t understand why. This was when it was pointed out to me that people find his movies slow. Really! I honestly can’t see why. I find his movies fascinating and gripping and overall incredible.

Django is the best movie I have seen in a long time and it is probably one of my favourite of all time. Yes, I said it. It is right up there.

This got me thinking about his other movies and how I have only seen a fraction on his collection. I’m setting myself a challenge to watch all of his movies and I will see if I still hold the same opinion. As you can clearly see, I only give myself challenges I enjoy ❤

Want Some Extra Cash? Ebay Those Clothes!

27 Mar

Take a look at everything in your wardrobe. Can you honestly say that you wear everything in there?

My guess is that the answer is no and this is where you can start making money.

Clothes in Wardrobe

I lived in rented accommodation whilst I was university which I funded with my student loan and my saturday retail job. If any of you have been to university you probably did the same irresponsible thing as me when that loan came in and spent most of the money on clothes, drinking, food and other wasteful resources. One term, in my second year, I went too far and spent all my money on a huge shopping trip. I have to admit I was a complete shopaholic (I have it a bit more under control now I don’t have a student loan and earn a pitiful minimum wage as a waitress/actress.) I had no money left to pay my rent, the banks wouldn’t give me a credit card as I already had a student overdraft and couldn’t face asking my parents for money, now that I was a responsible adult!

I had to make money some how and fast. This was when I opened up my 4 huge wardrobes (Yes 4! I had a huge room) and realised I hadn’t worn most of the clothes in at least 6 months and some items still even had the tags on. Ebay was the way forward!

I have to admit it was painful to part with some of the clothes I sold on Ebay. I loved most of them but I said to myself “If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you probably won’t ever wear it again.”

I made over £400 and was able to pay my rent on time.

Tips For Selling On Ebay

  • Be brutal with your possessions. If you don’t wear it sell it, plus its better to sell items whilst they are still in fashion. You won’t regret it once you see the money build up.
  • Only sell good quality items. If the dress has a stain or has shrunk in the wash, don’t try and sell it to others without making a clear note of it on the sellers page. It is dishonest and will likely get you negative seller feedback and you will have to give them a refund.
  • Be relistic about how much the item will sell for. It may have cost you £40 last year but it’s not new fashion and it has been worn. It will go for alot less than what you bougtht it for but those £3 here and there really do add up.
  • Ebay often do free listing for sellers. If you put a starting bid on at over 99p item you will be charged a listing fee. This cost can add up so its great to take advantage of this offer when you see it.
  • Download the Ebay phone app. It is time consuming listing items on Ebay but the phone application make it a lot easier. It enables you to upload photos straight from your phone and it is overall easier and less fiddly.
  • Schedule a listing time. The best time for your bidding to finish is in the middle of the week at around 9pm. More people will be browsing the web then rather than on Saturday morning at 4am. This only costs 6p and is more likely to get you those bids.

So if you need to make a quick buck and have a wardrobe full of unworn clothes then Ebay is the way forward. Tested and proven!

My Blonde Highlighted Hair

26 Mar

I got my hair highlighted yesterday and I was very happy with the results so I thought I better share it with you all.

Blonde highlighted hair

I have never found a hairdresser that I have stuck with. Either they are to expensive, made my hair too blonde, not blonde enough, the streaks were too thin, to wide or they didn’t get the colour close enough to the roots. Maybe I’m too picky or just dam unlucky.

Blonde highlighted hair

Finally I have found a hairdresser that got it right. Hooray! My sister found this girl on Gumtree who needed models to show her work on. So the best thing was it was free! She is a great person and a great hairdresser. Next time she said she would come to my flat to do a full head of highlights for half the price it would cost at regular london salon. I feel Lucky!

Last time I came out of the hairdressers I looked as if I hadn’t even been. I still had roots. I don’t know what happened but the streaks were so thin they were barley visible. In fact, somehow she had actually managed to make my hair darker. So this time I said I wanted to go BLONDE!

My sister had a full colour change. She went for this gorgeous copper, red colour which I love. It makes her hair look so silky and shinny.

Copper Red Hair

She was worried that the hair was too Amy Childs like, but I make her realise that she had a completely different look and there was nothing to worry about. Ha!

My Everyday Makeup

21 Mar

This is the makeup that I wear on a daily basis. Nothing fancy just my everyday look.

If its the weekend or a night out I will juzz it up a lot more with different brands, eyeshadows, highlighters and maybe even eyelashes.


My basic make up never stays the same for long. I get bored with products and switch it up mainly changing foundations, eyeliners and blushers.


FoundationRevlon Photoready. I am loving this foundation. I rarely buy a foundation twice as usually when I get to the end of the bottle my skin starts behaving weird with it, but I am on my second bottle of this. The coverage is great and great for combination skin.

PowderRimmel Stay Matte. Light coverage that makes my face matt. I do lightly brush my face with this powder again by midday as my skin does get oily.

BronzerBenefit 10 – This is a bronzer and highlighter and I have to admit it is not my favourat product. I went to buy Dallas but they were out of stock so I thought I would try 10. It doesn’t have a strong enough bronze for me but I use it as my everyday makeup so it doesn’t go to waste.


Mascara – Maybelline The Falsies – Easy to apply, thick coverage with only 2 coats. This is undeniably a great mascara for everyone by I only wear it in for everyday normal occasions as I have long eyelashes which touch my brow so I find that it can leave marks above and below my eyes when worn for too long.

Eyeliner – Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen – I discovered these eyeliner pens recently and find them so quick and easy to use compared to usual liquid eyeliners. Smooth lines on top lid and they make it easy to do flicks at the end of your eye.

Eyebrows – Benefit Brow Zings – I love this brow kit. It comes with shaping wax, powder, brushes and mini tweezers. Downfall is the guy at the Benefit counter told me to go for the medium colour but when I got home the colour was too dark. I do need the light shade but will use this until it runs out.


Lipstick – Mac Yasha – I usually wear nude lips in the daytime so this matte light brown is perfect for me. It gives my lips a bit of colour and helps shape them.

Lip Balm – Body Shop Born Lippy Stick, Toffee – Smells amazing, easy to apply and does the jobs of keeping my lips smooth with a very light tinted colour as a bonus.

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