Audition Waiting Rooms

25 Feb
Wow! I am always amazed at the conversations people have in the waiting room before an audition. All I want to do is keep my head down, keep focused, relax and get in the ‘zone’. The majority of the actors I come across have this same ritual.
I have to admit I haven’t always been this way. I used to scan the room at the competition and natter to everyone in my eye vision, hoping to make a great impression on people who don’t even matter to me. I did it in a naive way due to nervous, it was never in an intuitional way to throw others off. I would always walk into the audition room thrown off, wondering if that girl I was chatting to about her cats could hear me in the corridor. I would never get the job and that girl with last seasons shoes that I mocked in my head did… humph! So now I stay quiet and out of all the fuss of ‘I’ve done this and that, blah blah blah.’

I have noticed a few types of ‘off putting’ character and I can almost alway guarantee that one will be found at auditions I go to.

The Bragger Why do people feel the need to ‘big themselves up’ to strangers before an audition? They talk about themselves and their achievement. I like to think that they do this to try and boost their own confidents and not to purposely discourage others.

The Asker They will ask about yourself in general, then quickly cut to the nit and gritty of it and find out how you got this audition. Maybe some are just nervously chit chatting but they always start asking the questions that could benefit them from knowing.

The preparer The physical movement is what is distracting. They will stretch, heavy breath and do continual spinal rolls. Please prepare before you come to an audition or have the consideration to go to a corner and stretch those facial muscles facing the wall.

This topic came to my attention last week when I was at an audition where all of these characters were present. Each one competing with one another and distracting us focused ones. The avaerage age of people were a bit younger than me, around 18. I had to laugh inside and think that this was happening due to their lack of experience.

To be able to do your best in an audition you need to be 100% focused on yourself. If people try to strike up a conversation with you just be polite and explain that you need to be in the ‘zone’.

A casting director once told me that from time to time he would sit in the audition room without people knowing and listen to the conversations. He admitted that if he didn’t like a persons behaviour or attitude, they weren’t getting the job. Be professional at all time because you don’t know who is listening.


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