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Overcoming Audition Nerves

28 Feb

Unfortunately to get that role you really want, you have to do something you don’t really want to.

Audition for it!

We all have to go through this tedious, nerve-wracking and sometime embarrassing process. I have done so many auditions over the years that I now rarely get the sweaty palms, turning stomach and uncontrollable nerves.

Auditions nerves

When I finished my training I was terrified of auditions. I probably suffered the worsted anyone could do, that it nearly stopped me from continuing my career as an actress. At times I struggled to even make it to auditions. But enough was enough and I told to myself ‘Get the hell over it!’ I can’t be an actress without going to auditions. So the next audition I had, I walked into the room, picked up a script, took a deep breath and sight-read (which I am terrified of). The next day I got a call confirming I got the role! Yippee!

Auditions are really not as bad as I had anticipated them to be. 99% of the time everyone is lovely and I now actually quite enjoy them. Casting directors really do want you to do well. They are not people to be afraid of and a lot of them have been in your shoes. I find them usually to be very accommodating, encouraging and positive, especially when they can see that you are nervous.

Although I do believe that the only way to conquer audition nerves is by going to audition after audition and gaining experiences, here are some tips I find really help me when I feel these butterflies coming on:

  • Be prepared – If you have a script to learn, learn it well otherwise its likely you will stumble over words and not portray any kind of character.
  • Believe in yourself – You can only be yourself and that is the best you can be. Be proud of it and believe you can nail the audition.
  • Breathe – It’s so simple and important but most people forget to breathe. It will help you slow down your speech and not speed through it like you can’t wait to get to the end. Plus it helps you relax.
  • Warm up – Before you go to the audition, do vocal and physical exercises. This will help you focus and relax.
  • Loose yourself in the speech – Don’t think about what you are doing, just do it. It it obvious when people are thinking about what they are doing and not acting on instinct.. This becomes easier after a few auditions but keep at it and you will get there.

All auditions are going to be different and things will happen that are unexpected. Last week I went to an audition for an indie feature film and the casting call was described as:

Tony’s Girlfriend: Bubbly, fun girl with brains. No preparation needed. Scrip will be given at the audition.”

When I turn up there were two friendly guys with a camera, they asked a few questions and then told me that the girlfriend was only in one club scene. They asked me to dance for 30 seconds, with NO music, like I was in a club… this is nothing like what I expected. There was no script and no words. I am not a dancer and I don’t even dance in clubs, I sway! It was humiliating and embarrassing but as soon as I walked out of the room I fell about laughing. What us actors do to get a job is crazy and my friends would laugh if they could see me. Oh, and no surprise I didn’t get the part!

Take weird auditions on the chin, dust yourself off and go onto the next.


Barry M Textured Nail Effect

27 Feb

I have been loving Barry M Nail Polish for many years now. When I first tried it out I was surprised at how it didn’t chip for a few days. I don’t know if everyone else finds that this is the case but most of the other polishes chip on the day I apply it.

So I thought I’d try out the Textured Nail Effect a baby pink (Kingsland Road 305) and the yellow (Atlantic Road).

Barry M Textured Nail Effect

I love the gritty, matte look that they has and the light colours are great for the spring season. It does leave a rough texture and look a little bit like coloured sand which I know may not be to everybody’s taste but I think that these polishes are something different and unique. I found it is very easy to apply. I only need two coats as it have a good coverage.

Barry M Textred Nail Polish

After a days wear, there was a tiny chip on one nail but apart from that they look great. I had many people at work comment on them.

Quite fitting, these polishes are named after markets in East London, where I am currently living. This may have something to do with why I love the look.

They come in 4 shades and can be found at Boots

Barry M Textured All Colours

What do you guys think of these polished? Do you prefer the shiny look?

Items I Want And Love

25 Feb

If money was no object I would have all of these items sitting I’m my wardrobe right now. Unfortunately that is not the case but a girl can dream.

Michael Kors This is my favourite Michael Kors Watch. It’s the Baguette-Bazel, Rose Gold. I have been looking at this watch for some time now and I love the crystal details around it. I normally go for smaller faced watches as I have small wrists but recently have been getting into these chunkier watches, who cares if it looks a little bit oversized on me.

It is priced at £275 in the UK at Earnest Jones

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike

I am drooling just looking at these Jeffery Campbell Lita Spiked boots. I’m completely in love with them. I could buy a copy from many high street stores but I really want the originals, as I hear they are mega comfy. At the moment I live in boot heels. They are a way of making me look taller without looking dressed up and they are so comfortable.

They are prices at £150 in Office Shoes

All Saints Walker Leather Biker Jacket

I have had my trusty leather jacket from H&M for 7 years now and it definitely has come to the end if its life. I have been shopping around for a new one and I came across this All Saints Walker Leather Biker Jacket. The leather on All Saints jackets are so smooth and great quality, that is why they are so famous for their leathers. I love the quilting on the arms which give it a real biker chick look and it fits like a dream.

It is prices at £358 at All Saints

Butler and Wilson

I am a huge fan of Butler and Wilson’s jewellery. I have a few peices of theirs already but at the lower price range. I am always wearing costume jewellery because you can throw anything plain on and add a chunky peice of costume jewellery and it just creates the whole outfit. I love the multi-colours in this necklace and the bling.

It is priced at £138 at Butler & Wilson

Faye Dress xlauragoldsequinfront__13392_std.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QEMXJy86Rl

I came across Jones and Jones boutique whist browsing the stalls in Spiterfields market. The style of these dresses are so cute and very me with the lace and sequins. Nearly all of the dresses have a petticoat added to the skirt section. I fell in love with these two dresses in the store and I’m sure I will be back soon to buy one of them.

They both are priced at £65 at Jones and Jones

Audition Waiting Rooms

25 Feb
Wow! I am always amazed at the conversations people have in the waiting room before an audition. All I want to do is keep my head down, keep focused, relax and get in the ‘zone’. The majority of the actors I come across have this same ritual.
I have to admit I haven’t always been this way. I used to scan the room at the competition and natter to everyone in my eye vision, hoping to make a great impression on people who don’t even matter to me. I did it in a naive way due to nervous, it was never in an intuitional way to throw others off. I would always walk into the audition room thrown off, wondering if that girl I was chatting to about her cats could hear me in the corridor. I would never get the job and that girl with last seasons shoes that I mocked in my head did… humph! So now I stay quiet and out of all the fuss of ‘I’ve done this and that, blah blah blah.’

I have noticed a few types of ‘off putting’ character and I can almost alway guarantee that one will be found at auditions I go to.

The Bragger Why do people feel the need to ‘big themselves up’ to strangers before an audition? They talk about themselves and their achievement. I like to think that they do this to try and boost their own confidents and not to purposely discourage others.

The Asker They will ask about yourself in general, then quickly cut to the nit and gritty of it and find out how you got this audition. Maybe some are just nervously chit chatting but they always start asking the questions that could benefit them from knowing.

The preparer The physical movement is what is distracting. They will stretch, heavy breath and do continual spinal rolls. Please prepare before you come to an audition or have the consideration to go to a corner and stretch those facial muscles facing the wall.

This topic came to my attention last week when I was at an audition where all of these characters were present. Each one competing with one another and distracting us focused ones. The avaerage age of people were a bit younger than me, around 18. I had to laugh inside and think that this was happening due to their lack of experience.

To be able to do your best in an audition you need to be 100% focused on yourself. If people try to strike up a conversation with you just be polite and explain that you need to be in the ‘zone’.

A casting director once told me that from time to time he would sit in the audition room without people knowing and listen to the conversations. He admitted that if he didn’t like a persons behaviour or attitude, they weren’t getting the job. Be professional at all time because you don’t know who is listening.

Following Your Dreams

23 Feb

Why do we have the desire to follow careers and dreams that seem so out of our reach?

Are we being unrealistic?


I find the word dream a funny one. Why is it called a dream when we want to become a successful writer, painter, actor, director, athlete or even an astronaut? Dreams are not real but these are jobs and not dreams. They may be highly competitive and there are many different levels of success but they are not so far out of our reach that they become unattainable.

You may not be able to do the job you want everyday of the week. The likely hood is that if you are going into these unstable careers we will have to take on other work to pay the bills at times. I believe if your really want to achieve your goals you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What’s more important to you, the freedom to do what you love or money?
  • Are you motivated enough that you can carry on through the tough times?
  • Are you able to put other people judgements and opinions to one side whist you focus on yourself?
  • Will you be able to cope with a rejection and the unpredictability of the work?

If you decide along the way that money is more important then that is fine, just as long is it is a decision you are happy with. Many of my actor friends have decided that they would prefer the stability of a 9-5 job and a regular pay package. It is never too late to change you mind.


I have always wondered why I had this burning desire to become an actress, a desire that I don’t get for anything else. Growing up I was never exposed to any kind for performance nor where my parents actors or musicians. All I remember as a young child was wanting to watch Calamity Jane and Pretty Women on repeat (I was to young then to understand that Julia Roberts was playing a prostitute. I always thought she was just a crazy lady.) Something clearly sparked my imagination back then and there was no stopping me.

Never did I want to act because I wanted to be like someone else or because I thought it looked glamours (which I can tell you it is far from the truth). I have a genuine interest in the art and that is why I am still keeping at it. If the passion isn’t in your gut and every fibre in your body, you will likely stumble at the first hurdle.

I want to act because I love the art of acting, the theatre, the history and the overwhelming feeling I get from being involved in a project, even if it is in a tiny theatre above a pub, where only a hand full of people have bought tickets to see the show. But why do I desire it so much that I am willing to hold back in other parts of my life, for example money?

Simple; It makes me happy.

Nothing good comes easy and that’s because everyone else wants it too. If you find something that makes you happy then do it! I believe if you focus on what you want and keep striving towards your goals then you will always get there in the end. There has been ups and downs along my journey so far as an actress but I have loved the most part of it. When times get tough you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Stay positive, stay strong, love what you do and work hard. One thing I always make sure I do is Smile!

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