Winter Outfits – High Street Shops

14 Dec Evening Winter Outfit

Here are some affordable high street outfit ideas.

I’ve collected together a casual and evening outfit. After searching for ideas I actually ended up ordering nearly all these items and after quite a bit of hinting to my boyfriend, I now will be getting the Zara boots for Christmas. Yippee!

Casual Winter Outfit

High street casual winter outfit ideas

  • Shirt New Look £22.99. This winter I am obsessed with wearing oversized shirts with leggings or jeans. I love the casual comfy look.
  • Jeans Topshop £44.00. Skinny jeans are my fav and I love the ripped look to grunge up the outfit.
  • Boots Zara £59.99. Perfect boots for the cold winter weather. The patent and chain also gives that grungy look.
  • Hat £20.00. As a cat obsessed person, I completely fell for this Bowler Cat Ear hat when I saw it. It’s so cute as adds a little fun to the outfit.
Evening Winter Outfit

High street evening winter outfit idea

  • Top River Island £16.00. This yellow ribbed fitted top adds a splash of colour to any dreary day.
  • Skirt Miss Selfridge £45.00. Leather look skirts are much cheaper than actual leather and I think they do the job just as well.
  • Shoes Dorothy Perkins £25.00. A classic pair of black patent pointed court heels compliment any outfit. (I’m clearly loving the patent shoe look this winter.)
  • Necklace Mickey £21.00. I always wear dramatic necklaces as they add so much character to an outfit. They are probably what most people compliment me on about my outfits. It gives the outfit a little bling for any Christmas celebrations.

I hope you like my winter outfits and got a little inspiration from them.

Becky x


Benefit Goodies A Go-Go Palette Review

12 Dec

This Benefit Goodies A Go-Go palette has to be my new favourite at the moment. I’m into the natural make-up look right now and these colours are perfect. The shadows are different shades of beige and browns, which have a little shimmer.

Benefit palette comes with:

  • 4 eyeshadows
  • Mini Stay Dont Stray primer
  • Mini They’re Real mascara

The packaging is a light weight tin box which I think is original and practical as its very secure.

The eyeshadows last all day and don’t smudge or fade. The colour goes on quite lightly which I like because it can be built up with layers if a more dramatic look is required.

The Stray Don’t Stray primer is one of my favourites as it goes on smoothly and keeps the shadows locked down.

I was late on the bandwagon with the They’re Real mascara but I have finally bought into the hype and can agree that it is an amazing mascara. I am not a huge fan of the stiff plastic brushes but this mascara can be layered for thickness and the brush perfectly separates them.

Benifit Goodies A Go-Go

Benifit Goodies A Go-Go

Benifit Goodies A Go-Go

Benifit Goodies A Go-Go

This Benefit Goodies A Go-Go palette is a perfect present to Christmas as it’s inexpensive and contains brilliant products. Or just a little treat for yourself! I will definitely be using this makeup for the next few months!

Becky x

Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

12 Dec

I have been gluten-free for the last year. I struggled with cutting it out of my diet for quite a while as I missed tucking into delicious donuts and toast as snacks.

I am a big snacker. I constantly what to be nibbling on something but going gluten-free made this hard. I found I was always hungry as I had no idea what snacks I could eat and I lost lots of weight, which I didn’t what to do. It has taken me a while but I now have discovered some great snacks to eat throughout that day that are delicious and keep me satisfied.

Healthy Chocolate and Almond Smoothie

This is probably my favourite snack. It may be chocolate and taste like it’s bad for you but actually it’s very healthy. To make smoothies I use a NutriBullet – They are amazing! You can use any blender to mix these ingredients together.


1/2 banana

1 tsp almond butter

1 tsp 100% coco power

1 cup almond milk

Splash of vanilla essence

(optional: 1 scoop of protein powder)

Healthy Chocolate Milkshake
Dairy free chocolate almond milkshake


Houmous and Chicken Rice Cracker

Very quick and simple snack that can be pre-made for later in the day. Just put 2 together like a sandwich to store and separate later.



Chicken slices or scraps

Rice cracker

Chicken and houmous rice cakes

Chicken and houmous rice cakes

Avocado, Balsamic and tomato

This dish can be shaped however you prefer. Mozzarella can be added to it or even an egg for extra protein. Chop up an avocado and some tomatoes and toss them in a bowl with a splash of balsamic vinegar on top. Avocados are very filling and a great superfood.




Balsamic Vinegar

(Optional: mozzarella, egg)

Nuts and Chocolate/Yogurt Covered Raisins

Nuts are a great snack and help stop the hunger. My problem with them is that I do get bored eating nuts all the time. So I now add into the mix chocolate covered raisins (or yogurt covered raisins) to add something a little bit more exciting for my taste buds.

I hope this helper a little bit. They are all simple snacks but very tasty and easy to grab on the go.

Becky x


How To Be Happy

3 Jun


If you don’t like something change it.

If you don’t like you job quit it.

If people don’t like you, give them a SMILE and be nice first.

People will treat you how you treat them.

If your lonely, call a friend.

Ask how others are before telling them how you are.

LISTEN to others, don’t just talk about yourself.
If you don’t have time turn off Facebook, Twitter and the TV.
If the sun is shining go for a walk.

Get out of the house and smile.

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself.

Spend time on your own doing the things you LOVE.

Make effort to do the creative things you like.

Challenge yourself every day.

Start a new hobby.

Tell your loved ones that you appreciate them.

Don’t make excuses for your bad behaviour, apologise and change it.

Stop judging yourself and other, we are all BEAUTIFUL in our own way.

Inspire others by listening to them and sharing your experiences.

Take all good opportunities that come to you and don’t shy away.

Never give up on your DREAM. The ones who have it are the ones who persevered.

Life is for living so grab it with both hands.

Love life!

What I Would Buy If..

3 Jun

Last week, whist walking around oxford street on my lunch break from an extremely boring promo job I was working on, I couldn’t resist the temptation of wondering into a few shops. Normally this would be heaven for me but as I am so very poor at the moment, it was torture. Working as a jobbing actress is great for my artistic licence but terrible for my bank balance. I am currently making pack lunches and bringing a hit flask with me on a night out. Oh yes, it has got that bad.

During my torture hour on Oxford Street I saw so many items that I would normally buy without any thought but I had to strongly use my will power to resist. So instead of buying them I thought I would put them on my blog because if I can’t wear these items at least I can look at them… It’s the same thing right?!?

Oh, a girl can dream!




I love the simplicity of this dress. You can just chuck it on with a pair of sandles and you are ready too go. Its from Miss Selfridge at £26.








Yum! These shoes are perfect for a summers day. I love the chunkyness of the shoe. There from Topshop at £65.


Dorothy Perkins Stripe Wrap Shirt




I’m loving thick stripes at them moment. Not only do I want to wear them but I also want to decorate my house with them. This shirt is beautiful and falls so nicely. It’s from Dorothy Perkins at £40.







I have been looking for so long for a pair of high waisted shorts that I love. Finally I stumbled across this gorgeous pair. They are from River Island at £28.







This is such a pretty summery dress that is perfect for a lazy summers day. I love the bright yellow. I may have blonde hair but it won’t stop me from wearing yellow. Its from Topshop at £18.







I am in desperate need of a backpack. Firstly they look good, secondly the are better for your shoulders and thirdly it will make my journey on my bike a lot easier. The studs on this bag make it for me. Its a perfect size to stuff everything it and it looks so good. Its from River Island at £40.



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